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International Enquiries - Niagara Falls Canada

905 357 2271


Enquiries preferred by e-mail where possible

Booking is easy: just send an e-mail to check availability by clicking on the link above. Once availability is confirmed make the deposit payment by going onto the 'prices page' follow paypal instructions. You will then have made the booking and will receive an e-mail confirmation from Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals.
Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals will always attempt to answer all enquires within 24 hours. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, please check that your message has been properly sent and if required ask for a message receipt.

Enquires containing 'attachments' or have any virus content are automatically deleted, therefore will not be opened or answered.

Spam mail senders will be blocked from sending any future mail.


Click on this link to read the Conditions of Vacational Rental.

All major credit cards welcome