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Conditions of Vacation Rental

These are the few rules of the house but for legal reasons the Conditions of Vacation Rental (Terms and conditions) must be clearly set out to avoid any misunderstandings.

1. Vacation Rental Fee's must be paid in advance.

2. Deposit of $100.00 (Canadian) must be paid before acceptance of booking and the balance payment 8 weeks prior to arrival date or at time of booking if less than 8 weeks before arrival. (Unless otherwise agreed in writing) All e-mail correspondence is deemed to be ' in writing ' A larger deposit may be required depending upon lengh of stay.

3.Cancellation Policy

(a) The deposit is not refundable.

(b) For bookings made for June, July, August, USA and Canadian Holidays or any period of one week (7 nights) or longer a refund will not be given unless another booking for the same dates and price can be found to the satisfaction of the owner. In the event of the booking being replaced or a portion thereof, a refund will be given up to the original amount paid. (Less the $100 deposit to cover bank and administration charges.)

(c) Cancellation of any booking less than 4 weeks (28 days),  before the rental commencement date will not be refunded unless a replacement booking to the owners satisfaction can be found ( exception, those shown at (b) above.) In the event of the booking being replaced or a portion thereof, a refund will be given up to the original amount paid. (Less the $100 deposit to cover bank and administration charges.)

(d) Booking acceptance is often decided upon by the guest numbers as rates are not increased during high demand dates. Refunds will not be given for a change in guest numbers prior to the rental date, the initial booking confirmation will be the price charged for the rental period unless guest numbers are increased. It is the responsibility of the booking guest to ensure that he/she is not out of pocket by booking others who fail to show.

 It is strongly advised not to book unless you intend to proceed. It is also advised that you seek vacation insurance to cover such event.                                                                                                            (Amended March 3, 2007)

4. The owner or his agent has the right to terminate the rental at anytime throughout the rental period if a guest, guests or any visitors to the property invited by them are in breach of the conditions of vacation rental agreement.

5. All guests must behave in a responsible and orderly manner to avoid any nuisance or distress to the neighbouring properties. There must be no noise outside late at night to create disturbance to neighbouring property owners, whilst you are on vacation, neighbours have to go to work. We want you to enjoy your vacation without complaints.

6 . Care must be taken by the guests to avoid any damage to the property, its fixtures, fittings and/or appliances.

7. Any wilful, deliberate or careless damage or removal of any of the owners property will be charged to the Booking Guest whose responsibility it will be to also ensure the safety and well-being of his/her guests.

8. The owner or his agent may require a security deposit upon arrival if considered necessary.

9. Safety equipment/Warning signs should not be interfered with in any way. These signs should be heeded.

10. Normal precautions should be taken by all guests (as you would in your own home) to avoid injury by burning or scalding when using cooking appliances or ironing.

11. A propane gas Barbeque is supplied. If you have never used this type of Barbeque before, follow the manufacturers instructions carefully or do not use. In particular ensure the lid is open when lighting and your head is not over the top during ignition. Stand well back when lighting. Take extra care when children are in this area.

12. Certain risks exist when using the Hot Tub, posing a danger if not properly used. The warning signs concerning health condition (In particular if you are pregnant or suffer from heart/chest complaints), electric appliances, alcohol and drug medication are clearly displayed. If in doubt, consult your doctor before use.  A safety manual is available and should be read before using the tub The Tub should be covered and locked when not in use, it contains deep water and should not be accessible to children without strict parental supervision.

13. Whilst every effort is made by the owner to ensure you have a safe and comfortable stay with everything possible supplied to facilitate this. Any matter affecting the safety of you or your guests should be brought to the immediate attention of the owner or his agent.

14. Arrival times after 2pm. Departure time 11am unless otherwise agreed.

15. Cleaning of the property will not be carried out during your stay (other than by arrangement at an additional cost)

16. Only starter packs of toiletries (Toilet rolls, shampoo and soap) are supplied and are not replaced during the rental period. Food and/or beverages are not supplied.

17. The owner or his agent are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage to guests property, belongings or vehicles during the rental period.

18. Pets are not allowed. If pets are brought into the property without the owners consent in writing. The rental will immediately be terminated without refund and a specialist cleaning fee of C$300.00 will be charged.

19. Smoking Policy: Smoking is not allowed inside the property. If smoking, it should be outside in the front porch or in the back yard, care should be taken to avoid any risk of fire or damage to the property. All Fire and Warning advice shown on the warning signs should be heeded and complied with. The Owner and/or his Agent are not responsible for any damage to the health of any Guest/ Visitor to the property as a result of smoking. Smoke detector batteries should not be removed under any circumstances.

20. Any complaint should be brought to the immediate attention of the owner or his agent. Contact details are displayed on the signs on the kitchen walls area of each of the houses.

21. Only the number of guests specified at the time of booking are entitled to stay at the property. If during the course of the agreed rental period it comes to the attention of the owner or his agent, that a greater number of guests are staying than booked, the owner or his agent has the right to terminate the rental immediately without refund of rental monies paid. The owner should be advised if you intend to bring visitors to the property during your stay. Unfortunately this rule is necessary due to the deception and abuse by some previous guests.

22. During Fall & Winter rentals you are responsible for snow & ice clearance, for your own protection and that of your guests/visitors to the property against slipping or falling on the ice or snow.

23. By making the booking with Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals (.com), Cottage Rentals Niagara Falls (.com)  Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals (.net) Niagara Falls Vacation Homes .com properties for vacation rental you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions as set out in 1 to 22 above.

From time to time Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals will accept payments for other property rentals (Not owned or managed by us) to faciltate bookings for those properties, by doing so we are not responsible for those bookings, accommodation or the funds received but merely pass on the funds to the owners of such properties.  Please satisfy yourself that any third party will provide the accommodation you require before booking with them. Any complaint or refund situation should be addressed to the third party. Only Pine Tree House and Craig House are owned by Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals .com

Copies of all communications are retained by Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals and may be produced in the unlikely event of any dispute.

Amended March , 2013


Niagara Falls Cottage Rentals do everything possible to ensure you have a pleasant, safe and enjoyable stay at our homes. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to improve our service. If there is anything at all during your stay that you are not satisfied with, please tell us. We would hope that if you choose to stay you will have a wonderful time and recommend us to others. Thank you for visiting our web-site.

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